The Shackles Of One Who Dreams – Characters

Hi again! It’s Overdose, introducing the characters for the game I announced here!

As I had mentioned in that post, there are 6 romanceable characters. I wanted to introduce them, alongside the main character, Sky!

Sky is incredibly frail, the years of abuse and neglect battering his body.
He cannot read or write, and sometimes has trouble speaking clearly.
Although he is afraid of others, he longs to make friends and loves to talk.
He has a kind heart and worn soul. He makes friends easily and loves animals.

Despite his shy nature, Sky has a strong heart and is willing to fight for the people he holds dear.

Vincent is a cold, cut-off man of few words. He prefers to spend his time alone, he finds others to be annoying.
He practices his swordsmanship every day, maintaining his fit and built physique.
Despite it all, he finds himself stuck in the past, unable to move on. He remembers that day so vividly, the day he lost the love of his life.
Because of his slight superiority complex, others tend to avoid Vincent – not that he minds, of course. The less people the better.

He is willing to die for those important to him, viewing his own life as something replaceable – worthless.

Nathaniel is a unique individual, many would describe him as being rather “loopy”.
He isn’t a very serious person, he prefers to laugh and enjoy himself.
Although he is a very kind and helpful person, he can be very distrusting – he stops himself from growing too close to others, but he often finds he can’t help but grow attached.
He likes to call himself a gentleman, always being courteous to others.

Nathaniel is afraid of losing another person in his life. He is very protective of his brother, Vincent.

Alhan is a quiet one, with a great fondness for cats. He runs his own Cafe + Library, with cats having their own beds and food inside.
He doubts himself and doesn’t have confidence in his own shop. He rarely gets customers, and so opening and closing times are erratic based on his mood.
He seldom smiles and is often seen falling asleep at his shop counter, always carrying around with him a pillow.
The carefree life he has bores him to sleep most days, he craves adventure.

Alhan sees no worth in his own life, he often daydreams of a better life, lost in his own fantasy world. But eventually he always comes back to earth. And sooner or later, he’ll go and sleep off his sadness.

Charlie is a rather rambunctious young man, spending his days on the streets begging for money. He sings hard and heavy songs, which always seem to fall flat.
A crowd favourite is what he proclaims himself to be, but is hesitant to show anyone his singing. He shows himself to be confident, but that quickly appears to not be the case.
Defensive and grumpy, the street rats are the only thing he has as friends.
Life on the streets, brawling for money and begging are all second nature to him. It’s the only thing he knows.

Sometimes he wonders if the townspeople who make fun of him every day would be happy to see him dead in a ditch. His mind is constantly swarmed by dark thoughts, and he can never seem to shake them.

Aaric is a kind, strong man, always willing to help others in whatever way he can. He works as a blacksmith, and as such is partially deaf, so he tends to be quite loud.
He isn’t the most socially savvy, so he tends to be a bit awkward.
He loves to laugh and crack jokes, acting like the “father” for his large group of friends.
At times though, Aaric appears to be sad, remorseful for something in his past. At times like these he tends to drink himself into a stupor, trying to numb his pain.

Despite his loving family and friends, he doesn’t feel like he’s all that important. There’s always someone else who can blacksmith, after all – what he does isn’t special, or so he thinks.

Sebastion is a flirty, heart-breaker type of guy. He loves to woo women and men alike with his poetry – and make them laugh with his cheesy jokes.
He sleeps all day and is up all night, usually trying to meet someone new in a bar.
He’s good at getting the info he wants from others – but his true self is tightly locked away, hidden behind a river of lies and secrets.

He never shows it, but he fears greatly for his life. He lives every day as it could be his last – because it very well could, if his secret were to be revealed.

Which character is your favourite? Have a lovely day from Studio Overdose!

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