The Shackles Of One Who Dreams

Overdose here to announce a new project! I have had this one for a while now, but I think now is the time to start focusing on it a bit more.

‘The Shackles Of One Who Dreams’. It is a BL/Yaoi visual novel, with six characters to romance and thirteen total endings (Although that is subject to change as development goes on).

What is this game? Here is a summary;

O little one,
Do not fear. In these hands of yours, I bestow upon you the strength to fight.
In this heart of yours, I bestow upon you the memories of our people.
Though frail you may be,
Though hated you may be,
I want you to fight until your last breath.

So fight, young one.

Fight until their blood turns cold.
Fight until they see the true us.

Fight, to your death.

Do not come back until you have their heads set upon your throne.

For that is your destiny.

A boy made of hatred, a history doomed to be repeated.
A heartless race, a world of ruin.
In these lands, the boy runs, on a chase to find his true destiny.
Six young men, he will meet – in a world of magic and destruction.

Are these men to be trusted with the boys true identity? Will he ever find the truth?

Who will win? His instincts, or his heart?

Such a fate is in your hands.
~ I am currently looking for people to help me with this project! Currently another writer and an artist is needed. More info is here.

Have a lovely day from Studio Overdose!

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