Listen To Your Instincts!

Hello again! It’s Overdose here, and I’d like to introduce you to my second project!

“Listen To Your Instincts” is my submission for this year’s Ace Game Jam, a Game Jam aiming to bring more representation to Asexuality/Aromanticism, and the Ace spectrum!

But what is “Listen To Your Instincts!”?

With a sky so grey and a soul so shy, you spend your days dragging yourself along, trying to get somewhere. But without a goal in life, and without knowing yourself, what are you supposed to do?
Confused about why you’re so different, you prefer to be alone, secluded. 

But then a mysterious girl arrives, changing your life forever.

…And did I mention that girl is a bunny?

An informational, cute and funny story of two misunderstood souls.

Have a lovely day from Studio Overdose!

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