My Twisted Cinderella

Hello there! I am Overdose! Welcome to the first post about the first game I’ll be making!

I have also posted about this game on Lemma Soft. What is My Twisted Cinderella? It is a BL version of the classic Cinderella story.
Here is a plot summary;

“The classic tale of Cinderella is one everyone knows, but what if it was a little more… twisted?
Sinder, our lovely Cinderella, is a broken and miserable boy.
Left behind by his parents, betrayed by the one he trusted most, he has no-one to turn to. But when he gets a chance at revenge, with the prince’s festival coming up, will Sinder manage to kill the prince…?

Or will he change, with feelings and thoughts that should’ve been said years ago, being finally revealed?”

Have a lovely day from Studio Overdose.

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